Divergence Online returns to Indiegogo to raise funds for the ‘mechapocalypse’


Star Wars Galaxies-inspired indie MMORPG Divergence Online is back with another crowdfunding campaign. If we’ve done our math right, this’ll make the game’s fourth campaign.

Developer Stained Glass Llama says that this campaign centers on bringing mechs to the game as a “development directorate.” The team asks $5000 to add a pair of pilotable mech chassis and synthetics weapons integration; at $7000, the team will add a second synth chassis, completed theta-blade, and passenger weapons on mechs. The $25 tier includes the game, while larger donations will net you one of the existing or future vehicles or freighters. “If the campaign is not successful, you won’t pay a dime,” promises the studio.

The title is in early access on Steam for the price of $29.99. Most recently, the game introduced land and air vehicles, a new operator profession, and a prequel — that is, a survival game called Year Zero. Divergence’s Ethan Casner has been criticized in the past over using what he called “placeholder” assets seemingly from SWG, though he prevailed in an unrelated DMCA dispute earlier this year.

Source: Indiegogo. Thanks, Sethman!

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