Skyforge demos Ascension’s upcoming campaign progression map


Since announcing the game-rewriting Ascension expansion for Skyforge at the end of August, has been busy explaining everything the update will entail, from the new raid and class to the politics system and the buffed up combat system. Today’s reveal is the new campaign map, described as “an interactive map of Aelion and the interface that will be the key location for character development”:

“All the current systems in the game for progression and development of characters (symbols, ascension atlas, divine specializations) will be represented on the Campaign map. Here players will be able to unlock new classes and explore new skills and symbols which were previously spread across multiple interfaces. The map will let players choose their own rewards on their journey through Skyforge. Progression will now be represented by opening up regions you play through towards your goals – currencies will be a thing of the past.”

There’s a new trailer showing off the campaign map itself below; get busy watching it as you wait for the expansion due out “as soon as this fall.”

Source: Press release
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