Marvel Heroes celebrates the Dr. Strange film with new costumes and free access to the hero

I know who he is, what I'm not clear on is why.

A big-budget Dr. Strange film is hitting theaters on Friday. No one, not even the studio executives responsible for the film, is clear on how this was permitted to happen. But it’s good news for Marvel Heroes players, as the release of a new Marvel film also means new costumes to coincide with the film’s aesthetics. If you want your version of Dr. Strange to look like Bakelite Camelsquash, you can do exactly that.

Players also have access to new Team-Ups with strange in the new Sorcerer Supreme mystery box and an option to team up with Dr. Strange’s longtime ally Mordo. You can also log in on Saturday to get access to Dr. Strange for free if you don’t already have the eponymous hero in your collection, and the whole thing ties into the already running Invaders from the Dark Dimension event. Yes, it’s all a bit strange, but… actually, on second thought, we’re not going to make that pun. Too obvious. Just check out some screenshots down below.

Source: Gazillion press release
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