TERA previews its upcoming 30-person raid, Harrowhold

Get ready, 'cause here I come.
[AL:TERA]The next TERA update is going for big numbers with the introduction of the Harrowhold raid, bringing 30 players into the fold to take on monstrous challenges. Usually, a preview of said raid would include little more than a quick rundown of the enemies you’ll be fighting and a word or two about lore, but the team also went for broke with the video preview. You’re not just checking out a couple minutes of footage; you’ve got nearly half an hour of video preview down below.

The video notes right in the beginning that the footage was captured in a test environment with heavy use of developer commands, so obviously it’s not going to show you the exact experience of fighting the boss. But it’ll give you a good idea of what to expect, and it’s also fun footage of a big monster smashing stuff. Check it out along with some screenshots down below.

Source: En Masse Entertainment press release
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