EVE Online patches in a new rogue swarm battle on Tuesday

Rouge Swam
When the newest patch for EVE Online goes live on Tuesday, pilots are going to be facing off against a new sort of threat in the form of a new rogue swarm battle. Drone ships controlled by a rogue AI are posing a serious threat to pilots, and it’ll be up to players to engage and defeat these AI opponents. Of course, there are substantial rewards going along with defeating those opponents, so players should be plenty motivated even beyond the joy of making AI-controlled ships explode.

The patch is also bringing a redesign for the Sin and the Vexor ships, and new colorblind support is being added to the game to make it more accessible for everyone. Last but not least, there are new skins and numerous performance upgrades to make the game prettier all around. It all goes live on Tuesday, but you can peruse the full patch notes right now. You can also read up on why the balance changes with the patch are causing no small amount of player consternation.


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I like the little events, may go use one of my PLEX so I can run a decent ship, I see you can also win PLEX as rewards so might be able to make back my PLEX and get a free month of skill training, want to hit 170 million SP!