EverQuest: Ring of Scale opens pre-orders for December’s expansion


December is but two months and two major holidays away, so don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can put off those essential preparations to the last minute. Preparations for what, you ask? For EverQuest: Ring of Scale, obviously.

The long-running MMORPG’s newest expansion is tentatively scheduled for December 12th, but it is taking pre-orders from the playerbase right the heck now. The editions range from $35 (standard) to $90 (collector’s) to $140 (premium). Yes, now you have the opportunity to be the only kid on your block to drop $140 on a video game from 1999. Them’s bragging rights right there!

All pre-orders come with beta access, all previous expansions to date, and “a giant stone slab carved with the burning symbol of Veeshan that can be placed in a house or guild hall.” Most demographics these days go for burning stone slabs, or so marketing courses tell us.

Ring of Scale will increase the level cap to 110 and add six new Kunark zones, more raids, more spells, more AAs, and more collections. While Daybreak dated the expansion for December 12th, it’s allowing itself up to January 31st, 2018 to deliver. Sound familiar?

Source: EverQuest

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Richard de Leon III

The cost of the expansion is defnitely putting me off. I dont mind paying for one, its just that considering the game’s age they could do a better deal than what they are offering…

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

Do they not even bother to commission an artist to make promotional art like “box art” for their expansions anymore? I haven’t been able to find any promotional screenshots or videos for this. Their last video uploaded on their EverQuest YouTube channel is 7 months old.

All they bothered to give us is a banner image on the pre-order page which is just a photoshopped screenshot of a low poly dragon. I despise Daybreak so much it hurts.

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Bhima Jenkins

That is some serious low-effort. I bet the majority of board meetings on this expac were related to how little labor they could pay for to earn the most return.

Colin Goodwin

Lol. That banner might as well be a pic of their most unattractive dev scratching his balls while holding a sign that reads “Gib us UR moneez” with the free hand.