Just Survive gives players a choice of maps, hands out free reward crates

Just Survive, the H1Z1 castoff that is looking to… just survive, made a bold play this week with a significant update to some of the game’s core systems. With the November 20th patch, players can now choose which map they want to join, whether it be Anywhere USA or Badwater Canyon.

The update also made it a lot easier to assemble zombie-proof bases, particularly with base foundations becoming free-placable and snapping together when close enough. Other changes include removing the height limit for bases, the removal of raid timers, the removal of stronghold and military base spawning, and the return of gasser, banshee, and exploder zombies to the game.

If the patch isn’t enough, here’s another reason to log into the game this week: Daybreak is giving players two free reward crates with the chance to win some special and helpful items. You’ll need to log in to grab these by November 27th.

Source: Patch notes, giveaway
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