Kingdom of Loot offers a video preview of its upcoming overworld map


Remember Kingdom of Loot? It’s cute, it’s pixelated, and it’s Secret of Mana meets Diablo in early access. So how is that working out? Well, the most recent video from the team shows off the game’s upcoming world map system, which is almost ready. Not quite ready, no, and you can see some framerate stutters due to the video being from a development machine, but the important thing is that it’s recognizably world-map-ish.

This particular video is devoted to showing off the world map, entering and exiting from various points, and so forth, so there’s no combat to speak of. It should, however, give you a navigational preview before the update goes live. Check it out just below if you feel like you haven’t had quite enough pixel-based artwork in your life recently.

Source: YouTube
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