Albion Online explains the new guild roles and guild UI options


The developers of Albion Online know that the guild system in the game needs work. Heck, it needed work for a while, but it was itself just so much work that it had to wait for a little while. But with the game’s next patch, that work is being fully realized, so you can enjoy all of the new features within the guild setup. This includes multiple tabs for guild vaults and a full transaction history for the guild vault, so you can both know who’s taking what and make it easier to divide up resource access.

How can you divide that? With the new role system. In essence, the new system doesn’t assign permissions by rank, but by role, and you can then assign individual members as many roles as seem appropriate. So if you have one bank tab with lots of combat gear and one with lots of crafting material, Attackers might have access to the former tab and Crafters might have access to the latter tab. A player with both roles could access both. Check out the explanation in the video just below, and look forward to these new guild features with the game’s upcoming Lancelot patch.

Source: YouTube

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Bless their little hearts for continuing to blindly truck on with their delusion that if they fiddle with inconsequential elements, instead of dealing with the elephant in the room, that people will suddenly start playing their un-fun gank box.

Rolan Storm

Someone bring fire extinguisher here.