E3 2018: Skull and Bones fleshes out its gameplay with the Hunting Grounds


Player choice and random map elements are the key to the meat of Skull and Bones’ replayability said Ubisoft at this week’s E3 2018. The studio made a concerted effort to show how its upcoming multiplayer pirate title wasn’t just PvP and nothing but.

In fact, the big reveal this week was the Hunting Grounds, which sounds more PvE than PvP. These special areas will be modified by “fortunes” set before players head toward them. When there, player crews will take on various quests while also having the freedom to simply explore and hunt boats. One such quest was to hunt down an NPC bounty hunter with another player.

“You log in and decide where in the world you want to go, which factions you want to take on, whether you want to do it by yourself or call your friends, or meet new friends within the world. All of those things are based on your own objectives,” said Creative Director Justin Farren.

The studio confirmed that it will be pushing out Skull and Bones some time next year. In any case, we have several videos from Ubisoft’s E3 showing after the break, so dig in!

Source: Polygon
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Looking forward to trying it – looks like fun, hope it delivers ^^


It’s a good looking game, and i’m glad we’re finally getting some traction with pirate games (not pirated games).

It looks like you can switch perspectives and roles freely while sailing, and it also seems like the game is a lot more arcade-y comparing to Sea of Thieves. I am definitely curious to see the final product and learn more about the features.

Toy Clown

The game is absolutely gorgeous! A friend and I are eagerly planning to recreate our pirate characters from GW2. That game obviously took the use of lots of our imagination, so it will be awesome not having to use as much imagination power to create visuals via words!


Like in a lot of modern Ubisoft games, it looks like the gameplay is yet again complete garbage, because you need the fake progression and fake numbers from a game that was not meant to be an RPG.

You have soft roles, abilities like infinite cannons for a time and… you can shoot dozens of numbers on the enemy boat!
Which does absolutely fuck all, because the only things that matter is to empty the life bar with the big level number next to it.
Nothing says pirate combat like playing dice with a 3D UI as decoration. Who needs broken masts, wounded shipmates, taking water and slowly sinking when you can get BIG NUMBERZ instead.

Fuck off with all those shitty MMO rejects seriously.


Well, how about *trying* to play naval action then?