Destiny 2 prepares for its Forsaken update with the Last Stand of the Gunslinger trailer

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We don’t want to depress you, but we kind of hope that Cayde isn’t your favorite character in Destiny 2. See… the new trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken is just below, and it’s helpfully titled “Last Stand of the Gunslinger.” And Cayde is the eponymous gunslinger. We’re not going to spoil what actually happens, but your first thought on reading all of that information is probably not that Cayde gets to ride on a Segway with a unicorn to his birthday party.

Your first thought would be right, too. On the bright side? It’s a good trailer, and it’s the sort of thing that should get you nice and fired up for heading out even if Cayde is your favorite character. So why not hop on down below and check it out? Maybe he rides the unicorn directly and he gets a Segway at his birthday party. Or maybe he has a motorized scooter, so he no longer has to stand up and that’s why it’s his last stand. Why not, right?

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Meh, that’s not Cayde-6.

Danny Smith

I adored the first game and its universe but just don’t care when i watch this. They turned Cades Malcom Reynolds clone persona into a straight up clown in 2, people complained so rather than tone it down he is being killed off. Everything about Forsaken feels like its designed to try and answer complaints and not because it was the original plan or what they wanted to do.

But thats all of Destiny nowadays really. The people with their ten year plan and story bible are long gone and the new staff are making this out of a contractural obligation to Activision, not because they have a burning desire to tell a loose story to sell eververse goods for real money.

I mean i guess i had a good year out of the first game and better than putting years and years in but this whole upgrade reeks of cynical business obligations and nothing more.

I just feel sorry for all the original Bungie staff that left and watched their baby turn into this cash shop homunculus stuck in a state of permanent catch up. What a shame.

Kickstarter Donor

Gee. Destiny 2 is still a thing that exists. Hmmm.