Final Fantasy XIV shows off more of the Arboretum hard mode

Keeping your garden.
There are two dungeons arriving in Final Fantasy XIV with patch 4.4, and it seems more or less inevitable that one of them is going to be closely tied to the story. That makes it rather resistant to any sort of preview for fear of spoilers. But Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum is another matter, and you can get a more in-depth preview of it thanks to an official korpokkur tour of the lower parts of the facility.

Certainly, there appears to be something wrong with the lower reaches here… something muddy. Something that looks like chocolate pudding left out in the sun too long, for that matter. Something which is not included in the latest preview screenshots at higher resolution, but most of the other patch elements are included in those preview screenshots. If you want to see what does appear to be the last boss, well, you’ll just have to nudge on to the full entry and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, the team is celebrating hitting 14 million worldwide registered accounts on the game’s fifth anniversary. Perhaps mud elementals are the key there.

Source: Official Site, Square-Enix press release
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