Zombie MMO Dead Frontier 2 is in early access to scratch the H1Z1 Just Survive itch


I’m not quite sure how we missed Dead Frontier 2, but there it is on Steam, happily calling itself an MMO and an MMORPG in an age when that seldom happens unless the studio has no other choice.

Released to Steam’s early access program last week, the game is essential a survival MMO with a zombie theme – and I know you’re tempted to roll your eyes, but how many survival MMOs with zombie themes actually survived? Not many. This one includes PvP, character building, and a “realistic player-driven economy” rather than battle royale modes. Wild. Studio Creaky Corpse also promises an “ethical free-to-play” business model with no pay-to-win elements.

Future builds of the game are expected to include outpost construction and attacks, world boss events, crafting, PvP modes – ah yeah, there’s where battle royale will sneak in – guilds, and new gear. Since it’s free-to-play, there’s not much harm in checking it out, especially if you’re already missing H1Z1 Just Survive.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Hikari!
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Jack Tyme

Love this game!


This is a sequel to Dead Frontier (obviously) only this one is first person rather than the originals top down view.

It’s all basically coded by one guy. And actually this one doesn’t have PvP yet, any PvP in these games is consensual, so you don’t have to worry about being PKed or anything even when / if it does get added one day. Right now it’s co-op only.

They aren’t selling powerful items this time around either, the monetization is all cosmetics so far.

I like how it’s more difficult and I really hope they don’t cave to people whining about making it easier. The first was always a more difficult game as well.

Danny Smith

Man that trailer screams ‘grew up playing Remedy Games’. I’m a sucker for horror games and online i really just play Dead By Daylight so this might be worth a look.


Not bad, actually.

Grim? Darhk

I used to play the hell out of the first game years ago. With my Group the Scarlet Sentinels :o

Hikari Kenzaki

You’re welcome :)

I’ve been playing this since it came out and even did a couple streams on it.

I’m loving it so far. It’s dark and scary and HARD! But still very fun to play.

And pretty. Oh so pretty.

Eric Weaver

I’m so tired of the entire zombie trope.
I wish it would just die.
Oh… Wait…


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If I was a developer and someone, anyone for that matter, mentioned my company and trash developer Daybreak in the same breath – I’d be pissed.

Kickstarter Donor

I am often itchier than I would prefer to be.

However, lack of a “Just Survive” -style zombie game is never one of the causes.

If you are often itchy but also don’t need zombies to cure it, I would recommend Aveeno -brand moisturizer. The best I’ve ever found for dry skin. Also, it won’t make you smell like a perfume factory (or a zombie).



Didn’t know about this. It’s free so I have nothing to lose by trying it out, thnx for the tip.

Nick Smith

McSleaz… let me know what you think. I’d try it out but my HD is full :(