Zombie MMO Dead Frontier 2 is in early access to scratch the H1Z1 Just Survive itch


I’m not quite sure how we missed Dead Frontier 2, but there it is on Steam, happily calling itself an MMO and an MMORPG in an age when that seldom happens unless the studio has no other choice.

Released to Steam’s early access program last week, the game is essential a survival MMO with a zombie theme – and I know you’re tempted to roll your eyes, but how many survival MMOs with zombie themes actually survived? Not many. This one includes PvP, character building, and a “realistic player-driven economy” rather than battle royale modes. Wild. Studio Creaky Corpse also promises an “ethical free-to-play” business model with no pay-to-win elements.

Future builds of the game are expected to include outpost construction and attacks, world boss events, crafting, PvP modes – ah yeah, there’s where battle royale will sneak in – guilds, and new gear. Since it’s free-to-play, there’s not much harm in checking it out, especially if you’re already missing H1Z1 Just Survive.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Hikari!
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