Final Fantasy XIV details the sculpting of Yiazmat

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The Return to Ivalice raid series is ending in patch 4.5, but Final Fantasy XIV players still have more time to catch up on all the dialogue involved. Yes, there’s dialogue, and some of it is even important; chatting with NPCs on the Prima Vista will yield new and important information as you progress through the story, so you should take the time to catch up now before 4.5 arrives. You might even learn some new facts about the final boss of the second raid, Yiazmat.

Everyone’s favorite self-professed barber’s blade is the star for this particular development entry, as the team details molding Yiazmat from concept art to the final version in the game. Of particular note is the way that the boss is first detailed in far too many polygons to work properly in the game, then texture mapped, and then trimmed down into a smaller model so that the mapping catches all of the nuances of the model. Just be ready for the last boss in the next patch; unlike Yiazmat, your wounds may not give you strength.

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Steve Fury

The dialogue is so long winded that I just gave up and skipped all the cut scenes so I could get into the raid lol

Neiloch Fyrestarter
Neiloch Fyrestarter

I love alliance raids, I wish they had more of them or more intertwined with top end equipment