Final Fantasy XIV prepares for Little Ladies’ Day while Naoki Yoshida talks about the design of Blue Mage

If you come to San Francisco...

The latest edition of Final Fantasy XIV’s annual Little Ladies’ Day event will get you properly equipped for a trip to San Francisco, as you’ll be able to wear some flowers in your hair. You’ll also be able to summon flowers for fireworks and have some rather non-flower-based dining room dishes. The event preview is up now, with the event itself starting up next week on February 28th.

Meanwhile, director and producer Naoki Yoshida has had a recent interview with Kotaku discussing the implementation of the game’s first limited job, Blue Mage. Yoshida explains that the goal with this and future limited jobs isn’t designing a job to be limited, but to find what makes a job fun and distinct and seeing if that makes it a poor fit within the normal job structure. Players can expect more level bumps, more blue magic, and more Masked Carnivale challenges for Blue Mage moving into the next expansion, since it doesn’t need to wait for a new expansion to get new tricks. And the same goes for any future limited jobs, as well.


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Now they just need a “Big Ladies Day” for the Roegadyn and Elezen ladies : 3

Random MMO fan
Random MMO fan

No more glowstick emotes for this event?