Ship of Heroes previews the ritzy night club that’ll launch with the character creator beta


So who’s excited about the upcoming character creator beta in Ship of Heroes? For those of you curious about what to expect, Heroic Games has released a new video demonstrating that the beta is going to have a lot more than just a character creation UI to explore: Players will even be granted the chance to roam around parts of the world itself. And by world, I mean spaceship. It’s complicated.

“As part of the CCT Beta, you’ll be able to run around in Apotheosis City and see how things look for yourself,” the studio writes. “One of the places you will be able visit is the Beta Club, named for the CCT Beta. The club will be a permanent addition to the map of Apotheosis City, and will be open to all players. In the long run, we anticipate that there will be multiple ways to enter the club, but for the Beta, there will be only one entrance; it is up to the players to locate it.”

We’re getting some serious Pocket D vibes here! Heroic says the zone is a public instance, so everyone can get in, but leave the brawls behind; there’s no fighting under these neon lights. Instead, pick up your beta badge, as it’ll carry over to the live game when it formally launches next year. The SoH devs promise multiple videos for different elements of the beta as it starts its hype machine, but you can check out the first one right now.

Source: Official site, press release

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I really hate the concept of SoH.

A space city ship full of heroes feels a little too weird for me.

CoT aesthetics looks more impressive imo, but SoH looks like they are working really hard to provide a decent game.

I’ll be checking it out for sure.

Hikari Kenzaki

A Ship of Heroes news vs CoT news post.


They don’t make night clubs quite like this any more-


Still looking good.

I am pretty sure I saw someone doing the Pulp Fiction Twist dance.