PlanetSide Arena shores up early access bugs as Steam reviews hit ‘mixed’


Credit where credit’s due, the folks at PlanetSide Arena appear to be on top of their game in terms of keeping major issues with the large-scale battle royale shooter at bay. Shortly after a Reddit post noted some serious bugs were on the developers’ radar, a hotfix was kicked out to mitigate at least most of them. That said, the speed of these fixes may not be much in the face of some withering criticism and lax player populations.

The bugs in question were pretty severe, including one that made players invulnerable on rare occasions, client crashes on certain hardware and driver setups, and FPS hitching during certain UI-related events. A couple of hours after the Reddit post, a hotfix was deployed that should correct the client crash issue and invulnerability bug. Those who are experiencing the FPS hitching are being asked to disable the Recursion Stat Tracker and report in if the fix works. Additionally, the game has also been taken down for maintenance to apply some server improvements. The Reddit post mentions that a number of other issues are being looked at and will be addressed once release notes have been published.

As of this writing, PlanetSide Arena appears to be stumbling out of the gate, with SteamCharts reporting a peak concurrency of 1,481 players in a game that touted the ability to host 300-player matches and 1,000 player fights. The game is also seeing “Mixed” reviews on Steam, with some reviews calling it a “battle royale game built from PlanetSide 2 assets” and others saying it’s “a solid foundation” with “potential to grow and improve over time.” Of course, you’re welcome to write your own not-Steam reviews if you’ve had time in-game in our comments!

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