Destiny 2 prepares for its Steam jump with maintenance and preloading

The vestibule.

It’s almost time for Destiny 2 to enter the verdant fields of Steam, and you had best believe that comes along with some maintenance times. Yes, the game is going to be going down for maintenance on September 30th as part of the final launch preparation, with 24-hour maintenance ending on October 1st concurrent with the launch of Shadowkeep. It’s a whole new world of free-to-play there, and you can be ready for it by pre-loading on Steam.

Players who have been playing on PC via the launcher are reminded once again that you’ll need to migrate your account before the end of the month, even if you’ve taken care of the pre-loading side of things. Expect further updates from the developers with final instructions on getting ready for the Steam launch; it’s less than a week away now, and it should mark an interesting milestone in the game’s overall development history. You can also check out the launch trailer for Shadowkeep just below.

Source: Twitter, Steam, YouTube
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