World of Warcraft concludes war campaign with Reckoning cinematic, Aron Eisenberg memorial event is planned

Was there a guy? I thought there was a guy.

It was pretty clear that all of the threads in World of Warcraft’s war campaign for Battle for Azeroth would come together in a face-off against Sylvanas. You can’t spend this much time building up the conflict between the factions and not expect faction leaders clashing, after all. But her opponent may or may not be who you expect… and the outcome, as detailed in the latest cinematic, which launched alongside the 8.2.5 patch yesterday, may also not be what you expect.

Of course, we can’t say more than that, because it would be incredibly huge spoilers right in the preamble. But if you don’t care about the spoilers, jump on down and watch the full cinematic below to see how the campaign wraps up (although there are further epilogues in-game). Players also put together a war campaign wrap-up bingo, and there are already threads conveying… let’s say something less than total satisfaction with how events played out.

In other WoW news, it seems Aron Eisenberg is being memorialized not just in Star Trek Online but in World of Warcraft. Eisenberg’s son revealed on Reddit that both he and his father played WoW together, and so his family will be hosting a memorial in-game this weekend.

“What I wanted to share was if ANY of you play World of Warcraft, i’m hosting a memorial this sunday for his wife Malissa (shes going to make a character!) to honor him. It’s going to be on the server Area 52 (retail wow, not classic), this sunday 9/29 at 7-8pm PST. I want to invite ALL of you there to gather in game and honor him with me, the friends HE had in wow, Malissa, and my mom. My dad played horde ONLY for 15 years, so make sure you dirty alliance players make a level 1 undead on the server at the time ;).”

Source: YouTube, Reddit (1, 2)
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