Actor Aron Eisenberg gets a torchlight vigil in Star Trek Online

He had the lobes for it.

The Star Trek fandom was shocked to learn that Aron Eisenberg passed away on Sunday, September 22nd. Eisenberg was best known among fans for portraying Nog on Deep Space Nine, going from what amounted to family help at his uncle Quark’s bar to being a Starfleet officer by the end of the series. InĀ Star Trek Online he made it even further, with Captain Nog making appearances in the game (and, as always, voiced by Eisenberg). And as is the custom, fans turned out to celebrate the loss of a member of the crew.

A torchlight vigil was organized and hosted in Quark’s bar on Deep Space 9 in-game, a sign of respect for a performer who had touched the hearts of countless fans. It’s heartbreaking to note that this is hardly the first time that players have provided a vigil for the loss of a beloved figure in the fandom, but it’s also worth noting that these player-organized events show the deep impact that these stories have on the players in the game.


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