SWG Legends teases new dances, flourishes, guild halls, houses, and Halloween


The SWG Legends rogue server of Star Wars Galaxies is ramping up for its October update, and what better way to show off the new shinies than in a video? Well, maybe a post on the game’s website, but then we wouldn’t get to see an Entertainer falling on her face, so video seems like the right call.

October’s update will bring new guild halls that will let players decorate the top floor, a ninth flourish and four new dances for the Entertainer, and the return of the Halloween-y Galactic Moon Festival, which promises new rewards for the Kashyyyk Dead Forest Tree raid and a new trick-or-treat collection; simply speak with Z’ozpheratu to see what’s new. The video also closes out with a sneak peek at what’s coming in November: It looks to be new houses in the Tatooine style, with underground motif’s akin to Luke’s own home.

If you’re living the sandbox life in SWG Legends, you’ll want to get the full look below.

source: YouTube, thanks Jim and Freddy for the tip!
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