BlizzCon 2019: Diablo 4 promises no real money auction house and regular content updates

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In the minds of many, Diablo III got a lot of things wrong. Whether it’s the anemic update cadence, the decision to use colors other than brown in its palette, or the real money auction house, there was hardly a decision made by Blizzard to serve the IP’s hardest-core fans well. According to the devs of Diablo 4, avoiding many of those so-called mistakes is the first priority.

In an interview with Polygon, executive producer Allen Adham, art director John Mueller, and game director Luis Barriga all discussed some of the larger issues that Diablo 4 looks to avoid. First off, a real money auction house will not be implemented, though there will still be a form of trade among players that promises not to be disruptive to the game. The team is also working to make sure to avoid launch day Error 37 server issues by using beta programs that run for months at a stretch.

Finally, Adham promises a more robust flow of post-launch content updates, though specifics on what that looks like were not given. “We aspire to generate more content at a higher cadence, and so we’re building out the team from the ground up in service of that,” he says.

Definitely check out our summary of the panel and Q&A highlights from yesterday!

source: Polygon
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