Final Fantasy XIV patches in more levels and more challenges for Blue Mage

I like the way you move.

It’s a blue day forĀ Final Fantasy XIV, since Blue Mage is getting 10 more levels and a mess of new spells with the game’s latest patch. But that’s not all the job is gaining, with the new option to take on challenges in groups of Blue Mages for a reward of both gil and allied seals… and new rewards to be purchased via those allied seals for those who take on these challenges. Your options are a fair bit less limited now.

The patch also adds in a new PvP map for players to explore, taking the familiar struggle of the Naadam and putting it into a three-way struggle on the Azim Steppe. It’s similar in mechanics to Seal Rock, if you’re familiar with that particular map, but it’s still a new map and a new chance to explore as you battle for control of the ovoos and struggle to emerge victorious. Check out the full patch notes for a more detailed rundown of the map rules.

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