EVE Online makes moons prettier and introduces market order changes in its latest update

Bless this hot mess.

EVE Online has kicked out another update which has a couple of features that players have likely already been expecting. If you haven’t been keeping up, though, expect the moons of the game to look prettier and market orders to have a few more fees tacked on.

The latest set of patch notes outlines what’s new this update, with the recently discussed moon visual updates now live, as well as the adjustments to market orders that were outlined in a dev blog earlier.

This update has also made a variety of name changes to modules in the game, either changing their name or migrating them to entirely different modules. Many of these modules haven’t just changed in name only either, as several have different attribute changes that players will want to pay attention to as well.

While you’re checking out all these new changes, why not take a trip back in time and listen to the devs of EVE Online trip all over the word “apocrypha?” Seeing as today is the ten year anniversary of the massive expansion’s release, the devs at CCP Games wanted to remind players of this classic video as well as remind them that wormholes got updated.

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