EVE Online rolls out faction war changes for testing

Fair fights.

The latest changes to EVE Online‘s faction war system are not yet on the game’s live server, but they are available for players to try out on the test server to see how they work out. And they’re pretty significant changes; for example, pilots who are not participating in a faction war who choose to gate into a faction warfare site will now be flagged as “Suspect” for 15 minutes, meaning that the game does not believe that you innocently decided to just pop over to this active combat zone and certainly weren’t planning on taking part in the battle, not at all.

There’s also an attempt with wider activation ranges for Acceleration Gates within faction warfare complexes to bring back some of the “gate sliding” mechanics that players grew accustomed to before they were patched out. Add in some new indicators for ranges of gates and capture points and a new complex for Battleships or smaller craft, and there’s a fair amount of tweaking at work to shake up the faction warfare metagame; you can test it all out now if you want.


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Damn, I got excited there for a moment but these changes are incredibly underwhelming…actually that’s putting it nicely, they are flat out useless. :(
Maybe one day faction warfare can be good but today is not that day.