Albion Online adds mobile improvements like a virtual joystick and Outland banks, raises €42K for COVID-19 relief

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If you’ve been exploring Albion Online on mobile or if you just like the option when you’re not at home (there was a time when people weren’t at home, really, it was a few months ago), you’ll be happy to learn that the latest patch for the game includes some notable improvements to the mobile version. These include auto-targeted for spells and abilities, context-based interactions, and perhaps most notably a virtual joystick to make moving and interacting that much easier as you amble about. And that’s in a patch where the main focus is rolling out season 9 in the game starting on May 16th.

Of course, that new season means tweaks, which include Outland banks, improved rewards from defeating high-level enemies, and season points from world bosses. The patch also rolls out new quality-of-life changes and other UI improvements, with an improved mail system, increased spawn rates for solo dungeons, and more. Check out the full rundown on the game’s patch notes to get a sense of what’s been changed with the update.

In other Albion Online news, Sandbox Interactive announced today that its Staff of Hermes fundraiser has completed; players raised €42,644.94 for the COVID Solidarity Fund for the WHO.


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Maybe I’ll have to give mobile a try again. Though really the biggest point for me against the mobile version is if I can’t control it as smoothly as the PC version, going into black zones (what I do most) is just too risky. Subpar controls and full loot pvp don’t mesh well.