Final Fantasy XI deploys its anniversary event and its June update to the live servers

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Players had to wait a little bit longer for Final Fantasy XI’s anniversary event this year, due to the whole… global pandemic thing. Fortunately, the event is arriving on June 11th, with a new Mandragora t-shirt for players to earn and Mandragora Mania for everyone to enjoy. It’s taken just a little bit longer, but it’s only a month late, and thus players can enjoy the event along with the rest of the most recent patch.

There’s also a new digest available for the patch, but this particular digest is in text form rather than in video format, discussing new weekly caps for sparks as a movement against RMT. (It also acknowledges that this is an inelegant solution and looks for more feedback about the feature.) Perhaps not as bulky an update as everyone might like, but between the anniversary event and the other features, it should be fine.

Meanwhile, fans of Final Fantasy XIV can enjoy new streaming options for the game’s music complete with two new arrangements not previously available.

Source: Official Site (1, 2, 3), Twitter

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Christopher Angeles

Sadly all the good campaigns were last month and the anniversary is this month. They should have kept the campaigns for two months, oh well. If anyone is wondering, FFXI is still going just as strong as ever.