Albion Online showcases the Avalonian weapons coming with the Rise of Avalon update


Albion Online’s Rise of Avalon update has a number of things for players to look forward to when it lands in August, and one of those primary features are the Avalonian weapons, which recently got their own showcase post.

The post offered a closer look at five of the 15 artifact weapons and offered up a preview of the highlighted weapon’s special abilities. The Avalonian bow, for example, can shoot four high-impact shots in a row, and the Avalonian spear has a Line Breaker skill that sees the player lunge forward, fully immune to crowd control and dealing a large amount of damage and removing all buffs when the ability hits a target.

Attaining these weapons is a matter of crafting them from Avalonian Shards, which can be found in the world and in the Roads of Avalon area. Incidentally, the chance to find Avalonian Shards will be increased when the new update hits. The update will also change the Destiny Board up a bit, splitting artifact specialization nodes into one node per artifact for both combat and crafting. The Fame requirements will be adjusted as well to ensure that each artifact specialization node levels at the same pace as a regular node.

For those curious about what these new weapons can do, you can read up on the official site or get a look of some weapons in action in the video below.

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