Superhero MMO Valiance Online plans an open beta in August


Of the big three City of Heroes-inspired superhero MMOs, Valiance Online probably wasn’t the one most folks expected to be next in line for a beta, although given its big talk about launch earlier this year, maybe it should’ve been. In any case, open beta is now on the agenda for August, meaning the competition between it and Ship of Heroes and City of Titans – to say nothing of all the City of Heroes rogue servers unleashed in 2019 – just got real interesting.

“We will be launching an open beta to coincide with #PlayNYC!” Silverhelm Studios announced this afternoon on Twitter. “Beta will be live for the duration of the con (August 10-16) and will return to backers only afterward (it may open again though).” Play NYC is a New York City-based gaming con, though like many cons this year, it’ll be hosted entirely online.

MOP’s Into the Super-verse column hosted a detailed interview with the Valiance team last fall when it was considered in a “very late alpha state”; Producer Aaron Victoria stressed that the game would be more than just typical MMO combat, with alternative gameplay styles like jobs, careers, gathering, camping, and social standing. At the time, the studio included 14 core staff, who finance the game alongside crowdfunding from the fanbase.

Here’s the video from earlier in 2020, showcasing the game’s visuals:

And here’s a look at some of our coverage of the game since it hit alpha back in 2017:

Source: Official site


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Chosenxeno .

Ship of Heroes ha already won lol. This looked like hot garbage lol

John Artemus
John Artemus

That video was…uninspiring. It also looks weirdly dated. I mean, look at DCUO or Champions Online. They look way better than that, although I understand that was probably an alpha build.

Aside from that, how successful will a superhero MMO be? I personally think they are tailor-made for MMOs, but they just don’t seem to take off on a mass scale. Not like fantasy games, anyway.

Adam Russell

Thats alot of running around. What happened to all the people in that city?

Kevin Smith

Well if that is their hype video for the beta then it leaves a lot to look forward to. They are just trying to beat the others to the market in hopes of getting the fast cash it looks like. This game is in no way ready for the market any time soon.

Does not check email

This one technically started before COH shut down and retooled from fantasy to super hero after COH shutdown. I have followed this one since …. I dunno early 2013 and donated. I should check in and see how’s it looking. It’s been a rough slow ride.

Dug From The Earth

Here, just hold this special glass in front of your monitor while you play….

Seriously… maybe they should hire someone with actual artistic direction, so the techie devs dont run the game by throwing every post processing effect at the game just because their engine supports it.


Agreed, whatever ‘wash’ they’ve painted all over this needs to be wiped off.