Astroneer’s second big automation update is live – here’s the new trailer


If you had asked me a year ago what game my whole family would be playing together this summer, I probably would not have guessed Astroneer, but it’s happened, which means my kids are going to be thrilled about the game’s latest update, which rolled out yesterday to Steam as of yesterday.

This patch is basically the second leg of the automation update MJ’s already covered in depth: It adds “a bunch of new items to improve your production lines and support more complex activation logic,” which means new switches, sensors, resource canisters, storage, repeat crafting production modules, plus a new scout suit, and it fixes a big ol’ list of bugs. It doesn’t sound fancy, but these are handy quality-of-life tweaks that will make my six-year-old’s Howl’s Moving Castle construction project that much easier to build. Check out the new trailer too!

Source: Steam, Reddit
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