Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah expansion launches today as Funcom celebrates 10M users


It’s expansion day for Conan Exiles as Isle of Siptah officially launches. You might be tempted to quibble over the use of the word “expansion” over DLC, but you should really save your energy for debating the fact that this is an early access content drop running $19.99, twice as much as the game’s earlier DLC.

“With a massive new map, more than a dozen new dungeons, and game-changing features, such as Surges of Sorcery and The Maelstrom, Isle of Siptah promises to be a whole new way to experience the online survival game Conan Exiles,” Funcom promises.

“The expansion is set on a mysterious island, where massive storms and great surges of sorcery have dominated the skyline for centuries. Why these events are taking place and what significance the fabled sorcerer Siptah holds, is something the players will discover for themselves, as they explore the islands many underground vaults. Isle of Siptah is plentiful with secrets to be discovered, dating all the way back to the first war between the Elder Races and mankind. The surges of sorcery act as a link between the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah, forcefully dragging humanoids from the mainland to the island. While the great tower in the middle of the island was still inhabited, these unfortunate souls would serve as human sacrifice or worse. Now, they’ve become the centerpiece of conflict, as exiles seek to control the surges for their own benefit.”

The full launch is expected to “follow in early 2021” on PC and console. Funcom’s PR this morning says it’s sold 10M copies of Conan Exiles, “the biggest success in Funcom’s history.” We’ve got more Conan coming, including a stream today and first impressions later this week, so stay tuned!

Source: Press release
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