Bless Unleashed preps November 4 closed beta for its PC edition


We’ll understand if you’re still too mad about the sad fate of Bless Online on PC to enjoy this post, but here it is anyway: As promised, Bless Unleashed is coming to PC, and in fact, it’s rolling into beta on November 4th after its summer preview events.

“Neowiz and Round8 Studio are pleased to announce that the first Closed Beta Test for Bless Unleashed on PC will be held on November 4th and will run for five (5) days. During this time, players will have access to the full game up to level 24 – including dungeons for groups of 2-5 players. All who participate will get a special in-game mount to use when the game goes live in 2021, as well as the “Breaker of Games” title and a 7-Day Valor Perks reward. Players must register via the HELA launcher platform in order to obtain these perks.”

Signups are live on the official site now; launch is planned on Steam early next year. Do note that this is separate from the PS4 edition, currently on the verge of launch, and Bless Eternal, which is a mobile spinoff.

Source: Press release

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I recommend if you’re curious about the game installing it in the beta and checking it out now.

From my experiences with it on Xbox the game was pretty generic in the sense that most of the game was designed like a mobile game with time gated reward mechanics. For example when you do a dungeon you get a loot box, and each day you get a free key to unlock the dungeon chest. If you subscribe to their VIP you get an extra key a day, but you can’t buy keys directly. Things like storage space was bonkers expensive, like $80 for 10 inventory, 10 bank, and 10 shared bank slots total. A lot of the game play revolves around doing repeatable events, such as an event that resets every 2 hours or 4 hours like a repeatable quest. You need to do these for faction grinding to unlock new class skill combinations. It uses three types of currency as well with in game gold, premium currency you convert from in game gold, then cash shop currency.

The game play itself is pretty ok and the world is pretty huge. It does some pseudo action style combat with various combos. If you keep up with the hourly/daily repeatable quests xp isn’t bad but there was a few grindy spots, but you spend a lot of time grinding items to turn in the dailies anyways. The gear upgrade system is similar to Black Desert in that you upgrade an item over and over, and it has chances of failing and going backwards. Upgrading takes the premium currency so you get gated on advancement pretty quickly (unless you sell cash shop items on the AH for more of it, of course).

Ultimately I lost interest at the high cash shop prices and mobile game design with the time gating and heavy reliance on repeating content.


I missed the PC stress test a month ago, but installed the game regardless to see something from it… The main menu looks like a console port for PC. I think it said “Press A to begin”, like I had a controller, could be the Spacebar icon, I don’t remember, but it looked like a console UI for PC.


I would not be surprised at all if it was entirely a shameless port with zero optimization or consideration for PC players beyond the basics.


I played the stress test. The UI was definitely still very console heavy, not much work had been done for m+kb. I didn’t hate the gameplay though, and it ran very well for the number of players and effects on screen. Easily kept above the 60 fps mark with 40-50 players and didn’t have any noticeable network issues considering it was on a single global server.

Can’t see it ever becoming an MMO I get invested in, but as something to put on my TV and play from the couch it seemed decent.


That was my impression when I played it on Xbox. It was pretty comfy game that wasn’t thrilling, but wasn’t bad either.

I ended up falling off because I didn’t want to log in each day to do daily tasks and chores. Not converting your in game money to premium money each day is actually crippling so just stopped logging in entirely after a fashion.


Played on Xbox as well. Though somewhat generic as you mentioned, I found the game to be far superior to the Bless MMO . I’ll be checking out the PC version for sure.