Whatever happened to pre-alpha indie MMORPG Arcfall?


Earlier this year when we last checked in with Arcfall, an Ultima Online-inspired indie MMO, we learned that the team had hopes to officially launch the game by the end of the year. So how’s that shaping up?

Well, it doesn’t look like that release is going to happen in 2020, considering that the MMO is still in a pre-alpha state. However, that doesn’t mean that Arcfall’s ceased development or anything so dire. In fact, the title’s been consistently adding new content and features over the course of this plague-ridden year.

Pre-alpha patches updates included more quests, auto-switching tools, a seasonal dungeon for Halloween, and adjustments to housing that eliminated open world housing and moved to instanced homes only.

“Each player will have access to different biom kingdoms where they can settle down and build. This opens up new possibilities like adding in player owned dungeons,” the team posted in August.

Check out some of the gameplay and listen to the devs chat about the game:

Source: Steam
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