Final Fantasy XIV updates its patch site for Death Unto Dawn one more time with exploration and deliveries

Burning dancers.

Do you enjoy Explorer Mode in Final Fantasy XIV but wish that you could use it in a few more dungeons? You’ll be able to do just that in the upcoming patch 5.5, as a new update to the special patch site promises that level 70 dungeons will become available for Explorer Mode ventures along with Perform actions. So if you want to bring an entire dance troupe into the middle of The Burn, hey, you can do that now!

The site update also shows off your new custom delivery client, Count Charlemend of House Durendaire within the Firmament of Ishgard. There are also new mounts and minions to be obtained as well as a new set of expansions to the quests available for New Game+ for those eager to re-live parts of the story. Check out the latest set of updates; it’s likely to be the last one before the patch itself goes live on April 13th.


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