Corepunk Q&A discusses the launch window, guilds, mounts, and more


If you’re the type of person who respects short, direct, and to-the-point answers to specific questions, then you’re going to like the first part of Corepunk’s community Q&A session. Artificial Core posted fan-asked questions about this cyberpunk-themed MMO along with the studio’s brief answers on each subject.

The biggest question, clearly, was the issue of closed beta and launch. Artificial Core said that it’s planning to let in around 10,000 players for the first closed beta and is still on track for a full launch by the end of 2021.

The studio also shared terse bits of info about the existence of duels, difficult achievements, a promised upcoming roadmap, guild housing, a map ping ability, PvP mechanics, guild wars, and sieges. A second Q&A session is promised for next week.

Source: Corepunk
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