Neverwinter’s Sharandar Soul Keeper episode makes undead elves creep again today

As promised, part two of Neverwinter’s three-chunk Sharandar expansion is fully live for PC players. The follow-up to March’s Iron Tooth release, today’s Soul Keeper episode pushes players to the Mended Grove to continue the storyline. Spoilers: It’s pretty much zombies.

“In Episode 2: The Soul Keeper, the blight has receded in New Sharandar, yet a new dark cloud has descended upon the forest and crept into the Mended Grove. One by one, graves long silent have been exhumed, with Eladrin elves long passed walking again as undead. Joining these reanimated corpses are Iliyanbruen elves corrupted by the Night Hag known as Mathilda Soulstealer, an ancient fiendish being who drains the life from any living thing she touches. To rid the Mended Grove of the undead, Neverwinter adventurers must band together to assist the elves of New Sharandar in defeating the soul-stealing Night Hag.”

Players can expect the new chunk of the Sharandar adventure zone, the Night Hag’s lair, the campaign’s new powers and companion armor, four new heroic encounters (one major, three minor), and new bounties from the Iliyanbruen elves.

The update will launch for console on May 11th, and we also now know the name of the final episode: Odious Court.

Source: Press release, official site
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