Whatever happened to Atlas Rogues?

Hint: It's not good news


We all sort of collectively realized that we hadn’t really looked back at Atlas Rogues, the PvE co-op rogue-lite respawning of the original turn-based team PvPer Atlas Reactor. Our last report on the game was about a patch that arrived in January, while our first impressions piece found the initial early access release to be lesser than the title it came from. As a result, we’re now going to take a peek at how things are coming along and, well, the news doesn’t look good.

Since that January report, the game made several updates and hosted a number of livestreams between January and April, with the last posted patch notes shared on April 28th. After that, however, things have become quiet on the content front; while the title’s Twitter presence has been active as recently as May 28th, the actual game’s Steam page has since fallen silent. Furthermore, Gamigo’s own PR website hasn’t shared anything for the game since February (though it’s still being used for other titles), and player concurrency on Steam has completely plummeted to two players in a 24-hour peak and one person playing an hour ago as of this writing. Owie.

Taking a look at the game’s remaining community, the Atlas Reactor Discord has mostly fallen silent; Steam users are calling for Gamigo to sell the franchise or announcing it as dead on arrival; the game’s Steam review score currently sits at “Mixed”; and the most recent posts on the Atlas Reactor subreddit are an announcement of closed beta testing and a video post for an entirely different game known as Farseer’s Domain, a self-described “spiritual successor” to Atlas Reactor. Otherwise, there’s been only one other recent community post asking about the possibility of PvP returning.

It’s possible a free-to-play launch might open the gates up a bit more, but as it stands now, it would appear that Atlas Rogues is going to die on the vine.

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