Path of Exile tweaks balance and Expedition drop rates ahead of Royale weekend


Path of Exile’s hardest core fanbase has been roiling for a few weeks now, unhappy with the proposition of, launch of, and state of the game and its Expedition League. Reddit, for example, is still grumpy over everything from perceived population dips to drop rates. Grinding Gear hasn’t been sitting around twiddling its thumbs, however, as the console edition of the expansion went live Wednesday and now the latest update is out in the wild.

“Yesterday, we released Patch 3.15.0e which introduced several changes and bug fixes to Path of Exile alongside some balance changes for Royale ahead of our next Royale weekend,” the studio says. “This week’s changes are mostly focused on increasing the variety of viable build options, reducing the chance of feeling stuck at level 1, and fixing a few lingering issues.”┬áThere’s also a change for the aforementioned drop rates.

“We’re changing the drop rates for the various Expedition NPC’s reroll currency. The plan is that they’ll drop from Runic Monsters in stacks (rather than as single drops) that scale up in quantity based on monster level, making them more common. Note that this change will affect Runic Monsters only, and drops from Excavated Chests will remain unchanged. Artifacts will also scale up in the same way, providing more in the endgame. While you’ll ultimately get more reroll currency for Dannig, Rog and Tujen because of the increased stack sizes, the drop chance has remained unchanged with the exception of Astragali (Gwennen’s reroll currency), which has had its drop rate slightly lowered in maps. It was already far more common than the other ones.”

Edit: Royale weekend is live!

Source: Patch notes
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