Guild Wars 2 deep-dives elite specs, previews August 17 balance changes

Who are you? Where are we? What are we doing now?

If you were looking to find out more about the three elite specs that were revealed by Guild Wars 2, then you might want to set aside about an hour of your time to check out a beta preview livestream that talks all about the classes.

The stream effectively provided a deep dive into the toolkits for the Harbinger, Virtuoso, and Willbender elite specs, granting looks at the base class mechanics for each, a skill-by-skill look at each class, and explanations of the various traits. The devs even provided power numbers “for the theorycrafters out there.” For those who are looking forward to extremely high level explanations of the new specs as well as watch a guy drink copious amounts of water, the embed after the cut has lots to look forward to.

In other GW2 news, the devs have a preview of August 17th’s balance update, providing salient details for combo fields, finisher skills, boons and condition changes, and individual adjustments for the various specs currently in the game. There are also bug fixes for classes noted as well, meaning there’s a lot to read up on.


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Bruno Brito

My impressions at the new Harbinger spec: Honestly? Bad.

The fact that Necros get the only spec that hurts itself because of how badly designed shroud is, is a testament to how much it needs a complete rework ( and the boon-condi system with it ).

Here’s my specific issues:

1- Shroud not being a defensive cd anymore. While i see no issue in having a Photon-Forge-like shroud, not only it’s a bad CD now ( which means that most of Necro’s talents will work terribly with it, like Life from Death, or Unholy Martyr. Unholy Sanctuary will sinergize the worse of them because it’s healing while in shroud, which gets countered by your HP pool being reduced.

2- Lack of Shroud 3 fearing. Not huge on it, because it makes other traits useless too.

Here’s the thing about Necros: They kill you by depriving you of your resources with attriction. They have life force as a shield exactly to last more than you, and most of their traits are defensive so they can fight you by consuming the conditions you put on them and blasting you with fear and such. The more i see Anet’s concept of the Harbinger, the more i realize not only are they bad at balancing, they don’t seem to even understand the design of their core classes.

Conceptually, the Harbinger looks great but i have the feeling it’ll be just overshadowed by the Scourge, as is everything right now.


As soon as saw that Healthbar ticking down I noped my self right to the Guardian section.

Meanwhile the Guardian Elite Spec might as well be called I’m Invincible Nah NANA NAH NAH.

Bruno Brito

Why play anything besides the blue class.


Dankey Kang

Wowzers, look at all those thief changes. It’s gonna be like a different class

Bruno Brito

The patchnotes are stealthed.