Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss shows off upcoming Steam page and confirms soft launch date revisions


Do you remember Shadow’s Kiss? If you don’t, just know that it’s a mature horror-themed vampire MMO that we first started covering in 2016, when it first arrived on Patreon for funding and then hit Kickstarter a year later, landing its funding goal from the very start and ending with 300% funding and a number of stretch goals achieved. After that, updates were coming fast and thick for a while, but then things slowed down to the point we wondered whatever happened to it in June of last year, until the devs at Clockwork Throne Studios unveiled plans for a Steam early access launch this summer.

That all leads us to the game’s latest Kickstarter update post, which offers a couple of looks at the as yet unreleased Steam page for the game as well as word that the devs are working on bug fixes, polishing, expanded social zones, and more quest content. The post also confirms that the MMO’s soft launch timing will need to be revised, though what that timing will be has yet to be pinned down. As before, backers will still be getting their entitlements when the early access begins.

source: Kickstarter, thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!
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