Vampire survivalbox V Rising discusses crafting, castles, and your insatiable thirst for blood


V Rising has been on our radar for a few months now; it’s a multiplayer survival sandbox that’s trying to make vampires cool again – and might actually pull it off. With its beta still on the horizon later this year, Stunlock Studios has put out another dev update, this one about the feel of gameplay. It’s a survival sandbox, so the basic premise is the same: You’ll start with next to nothing, driven to hunt bigger and badder prey, crafting and looting as you go.

“One thing we’ve been very actively considering during development are the pain points we’ve felt in the survival games we’ve enjoyed,” the studio writes. “How can we make a more pleasant and seamless experience for our players when it comes to crafting in relation to their allies? Often when joining a survival game, there’s a disparity between the new player and their more experienced friends. There’s a period of ‘catch up’ time where they’re trying to progress so they can experience the game with the people they joined to play with. For that reason, we’ve made it possible for your allies to learn recipes you’ve already researched through your crafting stations, allowing them to quickly get to a point where they can join in on the hunt!”

Eventually, players will be building out their very own vampire castle on their solo and co-op private custom servers; the dev blog hints at more unique systems as well, including the fact that as a vampire, you’ll need to juggle your blood intake. We told you this was a vampire game. Feast well.


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