World of Warcraft: Classic outlines the full set of changes for Season of Mastery

Sunset on original ideas.

It’s time for an entire season proving that you’re the real master of WoW Classic. Wait, we misspoke; tomorrow is when this particular event server ruleset goes live for everyone. But you can still whet your appetite with the full rundown of the changes made for the event server on the official site, which should be familiar to anyone who’s been following the news about special event. In short: no world buffs in raids, faster leveling, and raid bosses with bespoke new mechanics.

Of course, that’s not all that’s in this particular season. Herbalism nodes now have a chance of awarding Black Lotus at high levels, there are more sources of elemental crafting materials, and there’s a new ironman-style challenge available in both Ironforge and Undercity. Check out the full rundown of changes ahead of the event servers opening up tomorrow if you’re excited to just stuff your face full of the hardest raiding Classic has to offer.


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