Past Fate introduces a third faction, new battleground, and revamped quests in latest update


The closed alpha of indie sandbox MMORPG Past Fate has made another update to its current build, and once again this one introduces some new features that hope to enrich the game’s experience. The marquee feature of this update is the addition of the Valfalk faction, granting players a third faction to join, though the patch notes point out that it is not as complete as the Morsath faction and will be missing quest givers, NPCs, and craftables.

Another highlight for the update is a new battleground that lets players take part in an all-out faction war without objectives, timers, or queues. Accessing this battleground is a simple matter of speaking with Battlemasters found in starting villages. Other features of the patch include a remade quest system that shows rewards that can be earned and attacks fatal error bugs; the addition of a quest log, a minimap, and a compass that highlights quest givers, craft stations, and vendors; improved combat animations; and some new crafting materials.

In case you haven’t been following along, Past Fate first hit our notice in December 2019, launching a Kickstarter in February 2020 that fell short of its first funding goal, followed by another crowdfunding attempt in July 2020 that ultimately was successful. Since then, the game has been in a closed alpha state, kicking out sporadic preview posts and alpha build updates.

source: Steam
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