Final Fantasy XIV plans its maintenance for Savage Pandæmonium on January 3


Here’s hoping that you’ve managed to make your way through the main scenario of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker by January 3rd because that’s when maintenance is happening once again. Why do you want to be done by then? Well, because that’s when the game is introducing Savage Pandæmonium and the time-limited tomestone currency for players, which means that weekly resets matter just a bit more, and if you care about getting those tomestones, you’ll want to be ready to go right away.

Of course, you’ll have some more time to prepare yourself, as this particular maintenance doesn’t start until midnight EST and thus you have time to wrap up stories and get ready ahead of the weekly reset. And there’s more than just weekly tomestones, like new crafting recipes that we all know are coming along with the update. But if you’ve been waiting for the usual cadence of endgame tomestones and the like, this is when it starts up.

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