EverQuest II’s Kael Drakkel alt ruleset server is level agnostic, launching February 22


One of the near-future releases teased in EverQuest II’s roadmap earlier this week was the promise of a new alternate ruleset server. As of last night, we’ve finally got details on just what it will entail.

It’s called Kael Drakkel, a “lore and legend” server that focuses on the first seven expansions and pretty much does away with the concept of levels. Instead, players start out at the cap – here, level 90 – and mentor down as they progress through content, pretty similar to level agnostic content in other MMORPGs like Guild Wars 2. The philosophy here is to ensure that you can group with friends without having to worry about level disparities.

“On Kael Drakkel you will start at level 90 with a full set of level 90 gear. As you adventure through the lands, you will be auto-mentored down to levels appropriate for the zone that you are in, making content you normally would have been out-leveled relevant once again. Special loot drops along the way will allow you to upgrade your base gear as you progress. With over 1,800 achievements you can truly explore the game’s rich lore like never before. A special leaderboard will allow you to see how your achievements progress stacks up with others on the server. You will also be able to see the percentage of players on the server who have completed each achievement.”

Notably, Daybreak is promising special gear too, including “amazing new armor and weapon appearances made exclusively for the Kael Drakkel server.” Launch is February 22nd – yes, another 2/22/22.

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