Final Fantasy XIV reminds players not to use third-party tools as the Dragonsong Ultimate race comes to an end


The race to collect the world first clear of Dragonsong’s Reprise (Ultimate) in Final Fantasy XIV has come to an end, but it’s also re-ignited the ongoing discussion among the community about third-party addons. The first clear coincided with some mechanical callouts being audibly automated (during a stream resulting in the world-first clear), which resulted in producer and director Naoki Yoshida taking the time to pen a letter once again asking for players to… you know… not do that. And not just because it’s against the terms of service.

It is, of course, against the TOS, but Yoshida also notes that it creates an environment wherein things like the race to world first stops being fair, with an additional note that the team doesn’t want an unofficial race like that to take a heightened priority in the community. He also doesn’t place all of the blame on players, noting that while this duty like all others is designed to be completed without using third-party tools, this has prompted the team to take a closer look at the existing UI and HUD elements to adjust what could be better about it. As always, though, the message is clear: Do not use third-party tools, and definitely don’t use them while streaming a race for the world first race. No, the community doesn’t think it’s fine, either.

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