Guild Wars 2 plans Festival of the Four Winds for August 1, next WvW restructuring beta for August 12


You knew it was coming since ArenaNet said so in its recent roadmap, but Guild Wars 2’s next WvW world restructuring beta now has a start date: August 12th.

“We’re happy to announce that the fourth beta event for phase one of the World vs. World World Restructuring feature will take place from August 12 through August 19,” the studio writes. “[T]his event will allow us to test several back-end changes that we’ve been working on over the past few months. Most of these changes won’t be visible to players (unless things go horribly wrong!), but they will allow us to gather new data and stress-test some code changes.”

Notably, this leg of the test will put the new internal deployment system through its paces, reduces the chance of players being assigned to the wrong team or realm, and ideally fixes the queue bug; it does not include objective scaling or alliances, which are presumably still coming later once they’re “ready for public consumption.”

In the nearer future, however, players can look forward to the return of Festival of the Four Winds next week on August 1st as planned.

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