Final Fantasy XIV starts its anniversary stories with a tale of the Watcher


Another anniversary for Final Fantasy XIV is upon us once more, and always the developers are asking a familiar question: Are you ready to start crying over minor NPCs? We sure hope so, because the short story collection Tales from the Dawn kicks off today, and you can be sure that it will make your eyes feel at least a little mysteriously misty as it explores some of the minor characters and side stories related to the game’s most recent expansion. Today’s subject? The Watcher, naturally.

If you haven’t finished the Endwalker main story and possibly the side story related to Omega added in patch 6.15, you might want to avoid this one for the moment for spoilers, but it should provide a peek into an unexplored area of history for those who have completed that content. So get to reading and then get to explaining that it’s like super dusty in here, you don’t know why you’re getting misty.

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