SWG Restoration launches 1.0 version on Saturday with Mustafar and Jedi unlocks


Among the many (many!) player-run rogue servers for the long-defunct Star Wars Galaxies is Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III, a hybrid CU/NGE server that opened its beta doors in May of 2021 and struggled with a massive influx of players it wasn’t quite prepared for. More than a year later and after only a brief delay, the team behind that server has announced it’s launching its formal 1.0 version to its 24K registered accounts this week, along with its new name: Star Wars Galaxies Restoration.

“Following an early access period beginning on May 28 2021, Restoration excitedly announces its entrance into 1.0 status on September 17th. Publish 1.0 introduces the galaxy to Mustafar with more than 30 new quest lines and experiences, awakens the force with our secret and individualized Jedi unlock system, creates community with server-wide progression, and adds hundreds of balances, bug fixes, and quality of life upgrades.”

Accompanying the release today is a roadmap that sets up the next several patches; 1.1 will add “repeatable mini-events, profession improvements, new player experiences, and new playable species”; 2.0 will focus on revamps to PvP, the GCW, bounty-hunting, guilds, merchants, droids, and the tutorial; 2.1 will upgrade player cities; and 3.0 promises a new crime system, improved vendors, and a post-cap prestige system. “Following our Publish 3 updates, we enter the exciting challenge of predominantly focusing on the design of completely original content from scratch,” the devs write. The launch trailer is below.

Source: Press release, official site
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