Final Fantasy XI previews more Voracious Resurgence story and new Sortie opponents

Dance Dance San d'Orialution

We’re about halfway through the Final Fantasy XI 20th anniversary celebration at this point because the developers have really put all their eggs into this basket this year. Have some new parts of the Voracious Resurgence to celebrate! No, really, the November version update is fast approaching, and it will bring with it more of the ongoing story. It will also roll out the Sortie opponents that were held back from the October update, thus giving players new rewards to pursue in exchange for vanquishing new targets.

Of course, a new set of Ambuscade enemies will rotate in as always, and the master level cap will also be increased for players to grind toward as well. Check out the full list of changes ahead of the update itself while you make sure to balance the game with your work and your school as relevant. Heck, with 20 years of history you may have gone from one to the other by this point. I certainly have.

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